Five years ago, my wife, Jo, and I bought an old house. It was a little run down, but we knew we could turn it into a wonderful family home. So, we set to work. Since then, our brood has grown to three (seven if you include the chickens). We've ripped up carpets, shifted tons of dirt to create a big lawn for the kids to play on, and -- when we could afford them -- added pieces of furniture we fell in love with. Good design delighted us wherever we found it. When Paige (now eight months) came along, we tried to find some beautiful baby furniture to move into our freshly overhauled bedroom. Having exhausted every corner of the internet in our search, we decided to get creative. Vos Kho Baby is the outcome. Our baby furniture is as beautiful and well-crafted as it is safe and functional. When making our pieces, we don't skimp on materials, work or thought. After all, we want you to fall in love.